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Introducing in 2024


Phletcher is not the first dog I have seen from QK, as I have a couple of clients/guests/friends that have dogs raised or trained by

Jennifer and all have impressed me with their hunting prowess and training. I highly recommend QK and Jennifer if you are looking for that next partner in the field.

Scott Story

-Licensed Maine Guide


For nearly 30 years, we have relished every minute of helping dogs and their owners.  Whether they be a sporting or home partnership, this journey has allowed us to learn just as much from both as they have learned from us.  It is difficult to put into words how their gratitude has made us feel and I see it as nothing but a privilege to have helped so many over the past 3 decades. 

Today, my enthusiasm to help is higher than ever!  And how we do, what we do, is our great differentiator; for our celebrated philosophy knows as The.Quiet.Kue™  has systematically defined our way and our results.

IMG_0030 (1)_edited.jpg

And through the ever-evolving convenience of technology, guests living anywhere in the world will soon be able to have the opportunity to learn and benefit from our proven techniques of successful dog training and thorough care.


Introducing in 2024...


These proprietary archives are an ever-growing collection of videos focused on teaching you the finest techniques in nearly every area of your dogs’ training, all-encompassing well-being, and care.  

Each one of our select videos is designed to enhance the relationship between you and your pet, while striving to achieve a more balanced, stable, and happier relationship. We hope that for years to come, you will enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating them.

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