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Welcome to the world of canine wellness and training excellence at QK - Quinebaug Kennels, where passion meets purpose in every wagging tail. As the leading facility in New England dedicated to the holistic care and training of our canine companions, we're thrilled to announce exciting job opportunities for individuals who are ready to dive into a fulfilling career surrounded by fresh air, daily exercise, and the joy of working with dogs. At QK, it's not uncommon to reach 10,000 steps by 10 am while providing outstanding care for our beloved canine guests and their gracious owners. Join our professional, upbeat team, and be part of a crew that laughs, learns, and grows together, all while making a meaningful difference in the lives of dogs and their human companions.

Open Positions

Trainer - Level 1 : Obedience

As a TRAINER – Level 1 at Quinebaug Kennels, you will play an important role in shaping the behavior, obedience, and specialized skills of our clients’ dogs, with a primary focus on Obedience Training.

Canine Technician 1

Details coming soon

Canine Technician 2

Details coming soon

Canine Technician 3

Details coming soon

Ready to apply?

If you’re ready to join the best pack, please send us respond with your resume, cover letter and indicate position in Subject Line.

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