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Becoming a QK Gold or Platinum Member is more than guaranteed boarding and the convenience of a shuttle. They are memberships designed to ensure your dog lives their happiest and healthiest life while giving you the peace of mind knowing they are loved and well cared for.


Although anyone can enjoy most of the invaluable services we offer at QK, we developed our Gold and Platinum Memberships for those who want to reap the full benefits of the diverse and comprehensive canine programs we offer. 


Each and every program and service at QK has been designed to ensure your pup's overall well-being while our foundational philosophy, known as The.Quiet.Kue™, drives the way we do, what we do.

To learn more about our memberships, what program is right for you, and sign up, refer to the chart below.

Membership Plans

Choose Your QK Membership

Enjoy most QK services

 based on availability.

Our Platinum Membership is the pinnacle of our membership structure. It elevates your convenience and your dog’s all-encompassing well-being to the utmost & finest QK can offer. Our COO will engage with you for a private in person meeting or conversation of all details. 

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