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  • What time can I drop my dog off?
    For us to BEST accommodate you for the ARRIVAL of your dog, we offer specific DROP OFF times: Monday to Friday 9:00am – 11:30am then again from 3:00pm – 5:00pm Saturday and Sunday 8:30 to 11:30am ONLY - WE CLOSE AT NOON ON WEEKENDS
  • What time can I pick my dog up?
    For us to BEST accommodate you on the DEPARTURE of your dog, we offer specific PICK UP times: Monday to Friday 9:00am – 11:30am then again from 3:00pm – 5:00pm Saturday and Sunday 8:30 to 11:30am ONLY - WE CLOSE AT NOON ON WEEKENDS We understand that you may hit traffic, or you may need to arrange your times around your travel schedule, and in special instances we will try to accommodate you. Our specific hours to meet with you enable our staff to spend the rest of the day providing our enriching programs and best caring for the dogs. It is too disruptive to offer walk-ins any time throughout the day. Please be aware and respectful of our schedules.
  • Can I have someone else pick up my dog?
    You as the owner must note any additional people authorized to pick up your dog in the PetExec Pet Record. For the safety of your dog(s), please inform all authorized pick-up persons you have indicated, that we will ask for a government-issued photo ID when they arrive to pick up your dog(s). If they do not have a valid government issued photo ID, QK Dogs will NOT release your dog(s) to them under any circumstances.
  • Can I take a tour of QK?
    We can provide a tour of our campus on a limited basis by appointment ONLY. Understanding that our canine guests can be disturbed by unknown strangers, we do NOT bring the public into the private kennel areas. We will only visit “common areas”, you may view photos of the kennel wings and accommodations interspersed throughout the website.
  • Can I get a grooming appointment?
    We serve all our Boarding and Training guests during their stays. Walk-In Grooming services are available by appointment only. Vaccines are required for all walk-in grooming clients.
  • What is the difference between Visiting Guest booking, Gold Member and Platinum Member booking?
    Gold Members have Priority Booking privledges. And can request and confirm their booking reservations at any time. Visiting Guests may request dates for booking boarding and services, and will be placed on Wait List Status. The request cannot be confirmed until 30 days prior to the first day of stay. Platinum Members have Guaranteed Booking privledges at any time.
  • What is your Cancellation Policy?
    We understand that changes happen for everyone, please view our Cancellation & Change Policies here. .
  • What are your Booking Reservation requirements?
    To confirm/finalize your booking reservation, we require a deposit equivalent to 50% of the total for your stay (before tax). The balance of the Booking Reservation and any additional services is due at Arrival Check In. Please view our Booking Policies here.
  • How can I book a shuttle service?
    Our Private Shuttle Services are only available to Gold and Platinum Members. Platinum Members have Guaranteed booking ability. Gold Members have Priority booking ability.
  • What time will the shuttle get here?
    Pick up and drop off times will vary depending on traffic and the total number of dogs being transported. Our shuttle drivers are great communicators and will advise when to anticipate our shuttle service within a 30 minute window. We take the safety of the dogs in our care very seriously and we will not rush to beat the clock and put any animal or human at risk.
  • Can I tip the driver?
    Of course! Options are directly to the shuttle provider or you may add a gratuity to your bill.
  • Does QK accept dogs that are NOT spayed or neutered?
    YES, we welcome both intact males and females. However, we are NOT able to accept females in heat/season. Female dogs will be turned away if they arrive in this condition. If dogs go into season during their stay with us and cannot be immediately picked up, a $20 per day fee will be added to accommodate the extra efforts involved in proper isolation and special handling safeguards.
  • Does QK accept puppies?
    YES, we welcome puppies for boarding at 3.5 months (14 weeks), and for our Puppy Head Start training programs at age 4 months (16 weeks). We even have a special Puppy Room just for them, it is away from “the big dogs” and has its own dedicated HVAC system along with radiant heat flooring, and individual adjacent play yard.
  • What can I bring with my dog? Can I bring some of his toys and his blanket?
    We provide a very special bed for all our guest dogs called a Kuranda bed. Raised from the floor with a hammock-like sleeping area, dogs feel instantly supported — whether young and antsy or feeling the onset of arthritis. It is chew resistant, SAFE and easy for us to clean and disinfect. One of the scariest things for us is worrying that your dog may chew his bed or fight over his toy. Or more frightful yet, a toy or bed that can be chewed or ingested is simply dangerous. And then there is the chance that it simply disappears. Your beloved dog will have lots of other things to play with, including other well-behaved dogs, the great outdoors, an entire challenge course of obstacles, and enrichment activities. We find that toys and blankets comfort the owners, more than their dogs… and… given our 20+ years of safely caring for dogs, we know what is best. Leave those blankies and toys at home please!
  • Does someone stay with the dogs overnight?
    QK has monitored security, fire and temperature control alarms. The owners Jennifer Broome and Jason Smith live on the abutting property and employees who live closest are notified if there are any issues and can get there quickly.
  • Can my dogs sleep together in the same kennel?
    Yes, dogs who are members of the same family may share accommodations with signed permission. Co-Housed dogs are separated for all feedings. However, like people, they may act differently when not in their own comforts of home, sometimes they may just get tired of each other and may scuffle. QK may need to separate family members if they become disagreeable. If this occurs the Single Housed rate will apply.
  • What will my dog do during the day… will he be kept in a cage all day?
    NO dog at QK is kept in a cage all day! A QK ‘Boarding Dog’ is NEVER ‘BORED’! Your dog will be busier than you are! We keep your dog moving, stimulated and happy. For added enrichment programs, we offer many varieties to choose from casual country strolls to woodland hikes, ATV exercise, aqua or land treadmill workouts, PEMF therapy, group play and even practice leash work on our QK challenge course for any of our previous training program graduates. We provide “den” time between outings to allow some down time and rest. We know dogs need a combination of companionship and stimulation while also having moments to feel safe and able to relax in a space that is clean, dry, and comfortable. Our individualized care will ensure that your dog is monitored and any changes in normal behavior recorded and attended to appropriately.
  • Do the dogs get to play with each other? Can you socialize my dog during his/her stay at QK?
    We get asked this question often. We cannot guarantee that your dog will be allowed to play with a pack, although we will try our best to find them friends. The pack play socialization times are based on the packs that we have on any given day, and we will only put age and size appropriate dogs together. If your dog has issues getting along with other dogs, then for the safety of our client dogs as well as our staff, your dog will be let out in an exercise yard alone, with dogs on either side of the fences. We will not tolerate fence fighting or fighting dogs in general. These dogs will be handled separately and cannot safely stay with us if they exhibit any aggression towards our staff.
  • Can you send photos or videos of my dog?  How is my dog doing?
    While it would be nice to have a photographer onsite all day just to create photos and videos for you, this is just not possible. We much rather prefer our focus on the dogs, then our phones. Our primary focus is on your dog and the more we are left to do our work, the more time we spend with your beloved dogs! Trust us, no news is good news. A benefit to our GOLD MEMBERS is recieving photos and text updates!
  • Do I bring my own food?
    YES! Unless you are a QK PLATINUM Member, you must bring your dog’s food. It can be extremely disruptive to their gut health if you change their food abruptly, particularly prior to boarding. We offer a selection of Pro Plan dog food, and we can try to best match your dog’s current food if they run out while staying with us. You can also have food delivered from Chewy. Additionally, it is best recommended to keep your dog’s food in the original bag, not in a container. In the event there is a food recall, or your dog has an issue, it is important for us to know each dog’s food brand, variety, and specific bag lot numbers.
  • Can I bring my dogs premeasured meals in Ziploc bags or containers?
    Yes! Premeasuring your dog’s meals assures there are enough for the entire stay (it is always a good idea to include some extra in case you have a delay in picking up).
  • My dog is on a raw diet or home cooked meals, is that ok to bring?
    Yes, BUT - All home cooked, or raw meals MUST be prepackaged in single meal portions and frozen. We cannot accept bulk containers of raw or home cooked foods. We store the meals in our freezers and pull enough to thaw for 1-2 days. This ensures that all meals remain wholesome without spoilage for the duration of their stay.
  • Can I have Farmers Dog or other prepared meals, or frozen food shipped to QK?
    Yes, please assure your dogs name is included on the shipping label, and only send enough for 2-3 weeks.
  • Can you give my dogs supplements?
    Yes, all supplements must be clearly labeled including the pet’s name, the dose and time of day to be provided.
  • Can you provide my dog with their medications? Is there a charge?
    Yes, we are happy to administer your dog’s medication, free of charge. However, we do not give any injected medications. For the safety of your pet, we ask that the medication must be in its original bottle with a current prescription.
  • Does my dog really have to have all the shots?
    Yes. We may not have met you or your dog yet, but we already care about you both. On busy Holiday weekends, as many as 70 dogs could be on our multi-acre campus. To keep everyone safe, happy and healthy, we have implemented pretty strict vaccine requirements. After nearly three decades of caring for dogs that mean the world to their owners, we have no regrets about putting safety ahead of convenience. We hope you feel the same.
  • Can my dog still become sick or get hurt?
    Yes! Unfortunately, vaccines do not cover all strains of illnesses. When dogs are in group settings, they are more susceptible to illness, injury or picking up parasites. Despite our incredible cleaning and sanitizing standards, vaccines protocols, nonstop picking up of poop and carefully matching well behaved playmates, we simply cannot bubble wrap your dog. Our QK dogs love to play in the grass and even mud and puddles; they splash in pools, lick each other’s bums and share plenty of spit. We let them play and be dogs! While the occasional scuffle happens, we are extremely diligent about supervising our dogs while they play and socialize.
  • What do you do in case of illness or injury?
    If an animal becomes sick or injured while being boarded and/or trained, the owner will be notified and will be responsible for picking up their animal and taking them to a veterinary clinic for treatment. If Quinebaug cannot contact the owner, the owner shall be responsible for all veterinarian fees incurred and transportation charges to emergency or specialty clinics. Quinebaug may use a veterinarian of its own choosing.
  • Does QK offer any veterinary services?
    We work with a local veterinarian, Dr. Kristin Williams, who comes right to the kennel for minor health issues, sicknesses, or injuries. Dr. K can provide check-up exams, wellness checks, perform blood work, lab tests, provide micro-chipping and other health tests.
  • What QK training programs are best for my dog?
    If your goal is a companion of a lifetime for the next decade, or more — then consider one of our QK Signature Obedience or Gun Dog Programs. Training dogs spend most of the day outside with their trainers getting patience work, manners, socialization, ATV exercise and multiple training sessions. We do utilize crates for requested training purpose.
  • Can I come visit my dog while in a Training Program at QK?
    While we would never deny you the ability to visit your own dog during our business hours, it can be challenging for your dog. Dog’s live in the moment, and your visit often only confuses them, and they want to go home with you. This is especially true for the training dogs as they are in school all day, and visits would disrupt their training as well as the take time away from the trainers who have busy schedules planned all day with the dogs. While we know that you will be missing your dog greatly, we can try to send photos. All training dog’s owners receive weekly video updates.
  • Can I book training for my dog while I am on vacation and need to board anyway?
    This convenient combo was something that we used to be able to accommodate, but with so many new clients reaching out every day, we simply cannot make this happen. Committing to a training program should be a thoughtful decision and a commitment to your dog as well as our very structured QK training program. QK training program graduates are eligible for Continuing Education with a trainer or our Vita Plena Program for Refresher work, which is a great opportunity when boarding in conjunction with your vacation.
  • Will my dog forget me or miss me?
    Dogs have some of the greatest olfactory senses on the planet. They won’t forget where they buried that bone, and they certainly won’t forget you. Will they miss you? Well… did you miss your parents when school started? Maybe for the first five minutes and then after that? It was all Elmer’s glue and new friends. For dogs who are visiting with us, their days are full and their classmates are instant pack companions. You will not be missed, BUT you will be gladly greeted on Graduation Day.
  • How old should my dog be for training?
    The QK philosophy starts training as soon as you bring your puppy home. From 8 weeks to 4 months, we can assist with puppy raising questions and training with Zoom with Broome, Private Lessons with a trainer, or our popular Puppy Head Start Program. Much like the fact that pre-school begins at age 3… and not much sooner… puppy training begins at about 4 – 5 months depending upon the breed and vaccination schedule.
  • Can you send photos or videos of my dog?  How is my dog doing?
    While it would be nice to have a photographer onsite all day just to create photos and videos for you, this is just not possible. We much rather prefer our focus on the dogs, then our phones. Our primary focus is on your dog and the more we are left to do our work, the more time we spend with your beloved dogs! Our Team of Canine Technicians take some fun photos here and there, but that simply takes them away from focusing on dog care. Trust us, no news is good news.
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