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How we both view dogs

brings us together & inspires all we do.

And we hope how we do, what we do, 

inspires you.


QK’s Philosophy Of How We Do What We Do


We will always address your pup’s needs with behaviors that represent a responsible balance of what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

After building our structure, it will require both of us to honor it. After all, their healthiest and safest life is what we both want.

Ongoing & short interactive sessions will always be better than any 4 hour interaction, every 2 weeks.

Having a dog wanting to behave will make all the difference in your world.

Because in nearly 20 years, we have yet to see 2 dogs that are identical.

Your pup trusts you. You trust us. And we trust that together, we will each do our part to accomplish everything you've wished for.


It’s how we do what we do. 

It’s why our 6 elements will accomplish 

true comprehensive wellness. 

It’s why your pup will live their healthiest, 

happiest & fullest life. 

It’s why you’ve chosen to give them only the finest.



...we're so glad you asked.

“ I know the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word philosophy as a view or belief (or system of beliefs) to live by 

or to use when dealing with any situation. 

For us, that philosophy is proprietary and its called



For all of us at QK, The.Quiet.Kue™ is our treasured philosophy defining us daily; one born from nearly 30 years of experience and one influencing everything we do.


It is a way rooted in mutual respect that avoids boisterous verbiage from confusing any further; for to all of us at QK, an overly loud voice simply means loss of control and perspective.

It is how quietude, peacefulness and serenity can accomplish clarity, while full-heartedly believing in the inherent right that every living being be treated with dignity.

It is a view deeply entrenched in the belief that a soft touch or sound achieves a much higher, unequalled level of communication.

It is an approach focused on being entirely proactive; not just to avoid future challenges, but because it ensures the continuity of composure.

It is a system defined by the concept of 

"Quietly Accomplishes More" and one learning volumes from paying close attention to the most subtle, nearly unnoticeable of Kue’s.


It is a set of principles achieving the closest and most placid of partnerships.

It is a belief where the proper touch is responsible for empowering a dog, or human, to willingly enact change and to clearly remember why they did so.


The.Quiet.Kue™ drives us to value the titanic message body language can deliver; as we’ve learned much from the non-verbal behavior dogs use to communicate masterfully.


It is about believing the more time we spend observing a dog, the less we’ll talk to them, and the more that will be efficiently achieved.


Finally, we believe The.Quiet.Kue™ can be used in so many other aspects of life. And it is a path you can be on your entire life, without it taking you a lifetime to get on.


To me, its simple. The.Quiet.Kue™ philosophy is why

we’ve been here for over 25 years

- Jennifer

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