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Discover the transformative power of light touch training with "The Quiet Kue." Renowned dog trainer Jennifer Broome shares her decades of experience and expertise in this comprehensive guide, offering a compassionate yet effective approach to fostering obedience and communication between dogs and their owners. Through proven methods and practical techniques, readers will learn how to cultivate trust, establish leadership, and address behavioral issues with patience and understanding. Whether you're a seasoned handler or a first-time dog owner, this book provides invaluable insights and tools to help you build a harmonious relationship with your canine companion, creating a lifetime of mutual respect, trust, and joy.


   About the Author: Jennifer Broome is a seasoned expert in the art of dog training, renowned for her proficiency in sporting dog training and obedience. With over two decades of experience, Jennifer founded Quinebaug Kennels in 2001, establishing herself as a trusted authority in the field. Her journey began with a passion for dogs and the outdoors, leading her to pursue a degree in Wildlife Biology and Management and delve into breeding and training Labrador Retrievers and German Shorthaired Pointers. Jennifer's expertise extends to competitive sporting dog competitions, where she has achieved notable success, alongside her dedication to continuous learning and collaboration with industry experts. Join Jennifer as she shares her wealth of knowledge and experience in this comprehensive guide to training your canine companion with the utmost care and expertise.

HARDCOVER - Mastering Canine Communication ~ The Power of The.Quiet.Kue

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