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Interactive full immersion day that teaches both the puppy and owners the importance of socialization, manners, behavior shaping and basic leash skills. Puppies under 6 months.


Pre QK – Puppy Training Workshop: Effective Puppy Rearing and Early-Stage Training Techniques


Designed for pups aged 8 weeks - 8 months - AND - This is a GREAT learning event for folks waiting for their new pup to arrive or those who may want a puppy in the future!


Give your pup the head-start he/she needs with an interactive, full-immersion experience that teaches both puppy and owners the importance of boundaries, socialization skills, and appropriate on-leash behavior... all while having fun.


Developed by Jennifer Broome – Founder of QK Dogs, this early-puppy Pre-QK Puppy Training Workshop has been designed to introduce early behavior shaping that will result in a joyful, rewarding life for a dog and the family that loves them.


With over 25 years of experience, the QK Dogs facility is a trusted resource for canine care, assisting numerous clients each year. Our Puppy Fundamentals group training course goes beyond the ordinary pet store offerings, reflecting QK's 22-year legacy in setting industry standards for canine care.



  • Comprehensive Foundation: QK's The.Quiet.Kue system is designed to guide young pups toward becoming exceptional dogs. Our experienced and compassionate trainers will cover essential principles that enable puppies to develop into well-behaved companions.
  • Eligibility: Puppies aged 8 weeks to 8 months at the time of registration are eligible. Proof of vaccinations, including DHPP, canine cough, and rabies as appropriate for age, is required. Puppies will be grouped based on size, age, and temperament for tailored play sessions.


While cuteness is undoubtedly charming, it only takes a pup so far. Many challenges observed with customer dogs at QK could have been mitigated through early puppy training.


Our course emphasizes the significance of:               

  • establishing boundaries
  • teaching manners
  • fostering patience
  • promoting proper socialization with people and other dogs
  • and introducing on-leash obedience training


This robust immersive class offers:               

  • Introductory lecture by Jennifer Broome teaching The.Quiet.Kue philosophy and methods.
  • Hands-on instruction for owners, families, and puppies alike.
  • Following the hands-on instruction, it’s time for recess and putting the fun in FUNdamentals, complete with chasing, tumbling and the usual antics that happen when puppies learn to relate to a pack.  

All the while, our expert QK staff is present to manage exuberant puppy behavior, providing valuable insights into the real-world lessons that a pack environment can teach.


Please join us in this transformative experience, where your puppy not only learns essential skills but also benefits from dynamic interaction within a supportive and educational pack environment. Invest in your puppy's future and foster a lifelong bond built on understanding, respect, and positive training practices.


Note: Children 8 years and up are welcome when accomanied by a paying adult.  We welcome the opportunity to teach our cheildren and next generation the importance of puppy rearing skills.

Pre QK Puppy Seminar *Gold Member Exclusive*

$250.00 Regular Price
$125.00Sale Price
  • QK, 265 N Society Rd, Canterbury, CT 06331, USA

  • Sunday, August 4, 2024

    9:00 AM. - 3:00 PM

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