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 At QK, we have always believed truly comprehensive wellness is never reached via a single-focused initiative. 

Our guests visiting our state-of-the-art facility see this belief in the way we train, rehabilitate, board, groom, care for, or entertain their lifelong companions. 

In the spirit of living daily our philosophy, we are delighted to share with you our line of all-natural supplements designed to best maximize yours dogs’ overall nutrition. 

It is fittingly named after yet another thing we share when it comes to our pups. After all, what inspires us at QK is your willingness to give them only the finest; for considering how we both feel about them, giving them anything less would be inconceivable. 

It is a privilege to introduce you to...


Same original formula and still made-to-order
with the same, high quality and natural ingredients.

" You are what you eat. 

And when we see dogs with dull coats, weakened immune systems,

allergies, licking dirt, eating grass, eating rocks, or eating poop

we know they are not getting adequate nutrition.  

As the dictionary states, if you feel

loyal and loving towards someone or something,

that’s DEVOTION!

At QK, we are DEVOTED to our dogs' health, wellness and happiness. 

We view it as our responsibility and our commitment to their superior care.

That is why our proprietary, fresh, quality-forward, and purposeful sourcing of ingredients,

is what makes up DEVOTION and why we so proudly offer it to you today.

After all, what we share, inspires all we do."

- Jennifer Broome

QK Founder

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